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ysmad™ my-personal-life-makes-sense-o-meter

The other day I was contemplating whether my life as of now makes sense. The critera applied was: "makes sense for me" and "makes sense for society" (this order). Then it dawned on me that even with a score of 100% on both, our planet would still go bankrupt because of over-exploitation for the "good" of humankind.

So I enhanced the criteria as follows: "makes sense for me", "makes sense for other members of my species", "makes sense for members of other species". I applied different weighings, as - considering all crazi- and preachiness - I think it's OK to think foremost of myself (the Maslow thing, you know), and then others. But still, I ended up with an incredible my-personal-life-makes-sense value of 26%. Nuts, huh?
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