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What Religion has to do with it

Religion tells us we are special on this planet. The bible and religious catechisms are full of claims that we are above all other creatures (and nature in general), or otherwise "chosen". The very idea that only we are made in the image of a superior being makes us stand out.
But observing nature there are very good reasons to come to conclusions like

  • we are in principle not different at all from other animal life on this planet
  • there is no evidence we are treated any different than fellow creatures on this planet. I.e. there is no evidence for some superior power protecting us, or some superior beings protecting us any different than other species.

Yet there is this belief we were of a special kind, and we were also treated special by gods, spirits and saints. That may be OK as long as such beliefs are not taken to justify exploitation of "inferior" species, or the whole planet itself, which unfortunately happened and happens (even the enslavement and extermination of other humans has been justified with superiority and divine providence ).

There is no evidence we have a morally or otherwise god-given superiority, or that we were even made in the image of a superior being. Looking at the real world there should be no doubt there is something wrong with this story being told.

Human or non-human: Life treats us equally

Humans: Nothing special about us

Moral: found in animals, too

Animals: So much the same