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lichen on tree, south carolina

large grasshopper, indiana

hoverfly on red daisy mum

little blue heron, everglades

ysmad - Wallpaper Workshop :)

This is the result of a lazy summer weekend afternoon. Don't expect too much.
But now that you've found this, here are instructions ...
little blue heron, everglades hoverfly on red daisy mum large grasshopper, indiana lichen on tree, south carolina

Instructions on how to compose your personal ysmad wallpaper:

  • Open the following link: ysmad wallpaper page. But WAIT! You still need to read through the following:
  • Hit F11 - this should display the page full-screen (at least in the Windows world)
  • Change your browser's zoom settings to desired picture size
  • Scroll down to desired image selection
  • Hit "print screen" and paste clipboard into your favorite image editor
  • Save as file and apply as desktop background

A program will now and then change the order of the images (every couple of days).
Return until you find desired image arrangement.

BONUS!: As every picture will appear exactly twice on the screen, the wallpaper also makes for a perfect weekend pastime as memory tile game!

Maybe even ... =>invite friends to the workshop!<= :o)

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Mmm - another 30 minutes quality time spent on this:
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Download 1024x768
Download 1280x720
Download 1280x768
Download 1280x800