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lichen on tree, south carolina

large grasshopper, indiana

hoverfly on red daisy mum

little blue heron, everglades

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8/7/2010 -- Summing up, BP has taken responsibility

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7/10/2010 -- Veggie Burger and Local Beer

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12/29/2009 -- Renaming ysmad - does your share make a difference?

11/26/2009 -- Black Friday quote

11/7/2009 -- Backyard news: a Mantis

11/3/2009 -- (Ir)relevant issues in politics and bill 1176

10/24/2009 -- Sea turtles and helium balloons

10/2/2009 -- Movie tip: The Cove

9/29/2009 -- We feed the world - with plastic

9/26/2009 -- We f*** the world

9/20/2009 -- Is insanity destroying this planet?

9/18/2009 -- A Burger King Experience

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6/19/2009 -- Of ducks and chicks

6/15/2009 -- Meatfree Mondays

6/6/2009 -- Share the road

5/22/2009 -- And the winner is ...

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4/20/2009 -- Earth Day Donation Call

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2/24/2009 -- Consumers dictate packaging - Tropicana

2/14/2009 -- Happy Valentines Day

2/8/2009 -- To feed or not to feed

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1/11/2009 -- Winter bluebirds

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7/9/2008 -- Major breakthrough at G8! :-D

7/6/2008 -- Beetle invasion, part II

7/2/2008 -- Beetle invasion

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4/25/2008 -- Online frequently asked questions feedback page disclaimer, legal notes green tips and "green images" :) green tips

green tip: Buy less (new) stuff

green tip: Keep your lawn cut a bit higher

green tip: Be gentle on your heating and cooling system

green tip: Avoid one-time plastic articles like plastic bags and plastic dishes

green tip: Boycott restaurants which crank up the AC to the max

green tip: Put an energy-saving bulb in your frontyard's lamp

green tip: Don't participate in frequent traveler "mileage runs"

green tip: Remind your hotel to not change bed linens and towels

green tip: Meet virtually instead of physically

green tip: Install a thermostat

green tip: Buy local wine and beer

green tip: Repair instead of replace

green tip: Buy her more flowers for Valentines than ever!

green tip: Donate for rainforest protection

green tip: Send back unsolicited mail

green tip: Sell stuff you no longer use (or about to throw away) on ebay

green tip: Plan your refrigerator turnover

green tip: Watch your seafood

green tip: Don't use hotel soap, shampoo and lotions

green tip: Minimize water softener runs

green tip: Let common sense rule!

green tip: Pay your bills online

green tip: Carry an empty bottle to the airport

green tip: Have your own Starbuck's cup

green tip: Rechannel your golf ambitions

green tip: Defrost frozen food in the fridge

green tip: Buy products with less packaging

green tip: Don't buy things that you will find in the attic in a year

green tip: Print only what you really need printed, e.g. when printing e-mails

green tip: Avoid restaurants which serve food on disposable dishes

green tip: Sweep fertilizer from your driveway

green tip: Choose products by ecological aspects, not only look and price

green tip: Use less of everything

green tip: Set your printer's default settings

green tip: Use the carwash

green tip: Plant a tree

green tip: Wrap presents in old newspaper

green tip: Connect your TV, DVD, stereo etc. to an extension cord with switch

green tip: Keep a stack of old paper as scratch paper

green tip: Rake, sweep, shovel

green tip: Recognize greenwash

green tip: Make your own detergents

green tip: Clear clogged drains physically, not chemically

green tip: Make your drapes save energy

green tip: Substitute some fossil fuel with warm clothes

green tip: Lower the water heater's setting

green tip: Use half of the washer detergents

green tip: Optimize your dishwashing

green tip: Save water with a bathroom-makeover

green tip: Don't let water pass unused

green tip: Drink tap water

green tip: Switch off the lights when you leave a room

green tip: Avoid drive-thrus

green tip: Share what you have, borrow what you need

green tip: Accept higher gas prices

green tip: Participate in yard sales - sell and buy

green tip: Support speed limits

green tip: Turn off the air conditioners

green tip: Eat less meat

green tip: Buy books used

green tip: Don't keep up with the Jones

green tip: Let life live where it belongs

green tip: Distinguish needs from luxury

green tip: Don't worry about clover on your lawn

green tip: Put pressure on your grocery store

green tip: Think about a smaller television

green tip: Spend your XMas money in something really necessary!

green tip: Pack less on your flights (save weight)

green tip: Have a pond along with your pool

green tip: Drink tea instead of coffee and beer instead of apple juice ;-)

green tip: While supporting your (domestic) pet, also support wild animals

green tip: Pack in a box when you eat out for dinner

green tip: Don't leave your car idling

green tip: Bundle up your water heater

green tip: Invest in veggie patties

green tip: Thermostats: 66/88 60/off!

green tip: Library instead of bookstore

green tip: Insulate your place

green tip: For 2 miles or less: Go by bike

green tip: Once a week, go to work by bike

green tip: Choose eggs with 100% post consumer carton packaging

green tip: Rethink packaging already packaged packages

green tip: Make Mondays meat-free (Paul McCartney campaign)

green tip: Share a meal

green tip: Care where your jewelery gold comes from

green tip: Leave your backyard easement unmowed

green tip: Put the squeezed lemon in the kettle

green tip: Keep your cat inside

green tip: Raise awareness

green tip: Keep your tires properly inflated

green tip: Choose draft beer over bottled beer (over cans)

green tip: Don't release helium balloons

green tip: Watch a video before your next seafood dine-out

green tip: Write your favorite news station

green tip: Take out a dam

green tip: Reduce fireworks

green tip: Eat less shrimp

green tip: Do not litter

green tip: Give one percent of your income for the planet nature pictures

image: Swan

image: Flying seagull

image: Flying seagull

image: Lizard, Elba

image: Agave americana

image: Unidentified flower

image: Spanish moss on tree

image: Spanish moss on tree

image: Ewww

image: In-flight fireflies

image: Goldfinch

image: Hoverfly

image: Hoverfly

image: A immature leafhopper?

image: Carpenter bee

image: Monarch butterfly

image: Monarch butterfly

image: Bluet Damselfly

image: Orange butterfly

image: Monarch butterfly

image: Frog eyes

image: Frog, Fernwood Botanical Garden

image: Marguerites

image: Forest

image: Prayer of the woods

image: Robin chick

image: Dance fly detail

image: Dance fly

image: unidentified flower

image: unidentified flower

image: unidentified flower

image: Young duck

image: Yellowjacket

image: Cucumber beetle on sunflower

image: Cucumber beetle on sunflower, detail

image: Grasshopper

image: Grasshopper

image: Lichen on tree

image: Orange tree fungus

image: Plant growing out of soaked wood

image: Raindrops

image: A *very* young tree ...

image: Shell of Purple Sea Urchin

image: Small white (unidentified) flowers

image: small purple (unidentified) wildflower

image: moss and plants

image: Fern

image: Small green (unidentifed) caterpillar

image: Banana slug

image: canada goose

image: canada goose

image: red-banded leafhopper

image: bumblebee on wildflowers

image: bumblebee on wildflowers

image: butterfly on purple flower

image: Big green grasshopper

image: Big green grasshopper

image: Buckeye Butterfly

image: Fall trees

image: Fall trees

image: Fall tree

image: Red dragonfly on log

image: Big hoverfly on daisy mum

image: Big hoverfly on daisy mum

image: Spiderweb

image: anhinga, everglades

image: green heron

image: White crane, in flight

image: Huge spider web

image: White crane, Everglades

image: Great blue heron

image: Great blue heron

image: Small blue heron

image: Small blue heron

image: Turkey vultures

image: unidentified plant

image: small brown (unidentifed) lizard

image: Zebra Longwing

image: lake scene

image: A honeybee (we think)

image: Focus on green leaves

image: A true bug on green leaves

image: unidentified flower

image: White thorn spider

image: unidentified flower

image: unidentified plant/tree/flower

image: unidentified plant

image: unidentified plant

image: Orange Julia Butterfly

image: red and yellow bromelia

image: Green hummingbird

image: Blue hummingbird

image: Coati

image: Rainforest, Costa Rica

image: Bluet Damselfly

image: Bluet Damselfly

image: tree with thorns

image: small brown frog

image: rainforest tree, costa rica

image: rainforest ferns, costa rica

image: unidentified something

image: mossy tree

image: rainforest tree and palms, costa rica

image: unidentified beetle

image: spider sunbathing on a log

image: Sleeping tapir

image: hermit crab

image: seashell

image: coconut

image: yellow flower

image: green spider

image: A fiddler crab on untouched beach

image: Treefrog

image: hermit crab in water

image: toad, costa rica

image: poison dart frog

image: poison dart frog

image: White-headed Capuchin

image: White-headed Capuchin

image: small lizard on tree

image: art trees, costa rica

image: gold ass ant - inofficial naming ...

image: blue sea slug

image: blue sea slug on hand

image: blue button jelly

image: goldfinch in tree

image: garden spider

image: growing sunflower

image: tiger lily

image: bumblebee

image: bumblebee on purple flowers

image: mother duck with chicks

image: Young ducks

image: flowering dogwood

image: big green beetle - calosoma scrutator

image: big green beetle - calosoma scrutator

image: big green beetle - calosoma scrutator

image: tiny hoverfly

image: white tailed deer

image: swallowtail on mountain laurel

image: white flower mountain laurel

image: white flowers of mountain laurel

image: Millipede

image: Millipede

image: Fern in sunlight

image: unidentified flower

image: firebug

image: Lonely tree, Shenandoah Big Meadows

image: White-tailed deer fawn

image: caterpillar

image: plant growing out of tree trunk

image: foresty scenery :)

image: Gypsy moth caterpillar from top

image: Gypsy moth caterpillar

image: Gypsy moth caterpillar

image: Tree covered hills

image: shenandoah tree covered hills

image: mountain laurel

image: butterfly on mountain laurel

image: Bumblebee

image: forest

image: swallowtail

image: swallowtail

image: Great Spangled Fritillary

image: Ladybird larva

image: Cabbage White

image: Stick insect

image: fern

image: sun shining through leaves

image: unidentified

image: unidentified plant

image: Millipede

image: Daddy long-legs

image: Tiny caterpillar, on shirt

image: Tiger beetle

image: Blue dragonfly

image: Blue dragonfly

image: Snake

image: Young blue jays

image: Beetle on leaf

image: Green bottle fly on marguerite

image: Green bottle fly on marguerite

image: Whites (butterfly)

image: hoverfly

image: hoverfly

image: Detail of lightning bug

image: Lightning Bug

image: Backyard combo

image: Japanese beetle

image: Firefly

image: Grape leaf beetle

image: Gray Hairstreak butterfly

image: Gray Hairstreak butterfly

image: unidentified wildflower

image: unidentified wildflower

image: Unidentified fluffy something

image: White (butterfly)

image: White (butterfly)

image: Uh it's .. eh .. PLASTIC! - beware! :)

image: Young eastern bluebird

image: Garter snake

image: moth caterpillar

image: moth caterpillar

image: Seagull, flying

image: Ichneumonidae, fuzzy

image: unidentified flower

image: unidentified flower

image: Fall leaves

image: unidentified wildflower

image: toad, not amused

image: yellowjacket

image: yellowjacket

image: cricket

image: sunflower, closed

image: unidentified spider

image: unidentified flower

image: Blue jay

image: Red maple, flowering

image: Green lizard

image: Dragonfly

image: Dragonfly

image: Dragonfly

image: Brown lizard

image: Green leafhopper

image: Unidentified flower

image: Feathers of an (yet) unidentified bird

image: Horse fly coloured eyes

image: White flower on lawn

image: American Kestrel

image: Screech owl

image: Unidentified butterfly

image: Red-humped caterpillar

image: Mantis

image: Mantis

image: Mantis

image: Mantis

image: Bumblebee

image: Eastern bluebird

image: Merlin

image: Snake, detail head

image: American Kestrel

image: Yellow bellied sapsucker

image: Yellow bellied sapsucker

image: American Kestrel

image: Dark eyed junco

image: Great horned owl

image: Tufted titmouse, singing

image: Screech owl

image: Red-tailed hawk

image: Red-shouldered hawk

image: European Starling

image: A thing

image: Red Maple Fruit

image: Some unidentified hawk

image: Some unidentified hawk

image: Male bluebird

image: Mallard couple

image: Mallard

image: Male red-bellied wookpecker

image: Beauty

image: Bluegray Gnatcatcher

image: Bluegray Gnatcatcher

image: Osprey

image: Bananaquit

image: Young woodpecker

image: Turkey Vulture

image: Grey Crowned Crane

image: Grey Crowned Crane

image: Whooping Crane

image: Whooping Crane

image: <sorry, no title yet>

image: <sorry, no title yet>

image: Whooping Crane

image: Sandhill Crane

image: Sandhill Crane

image: Sandhill Cranes

image: Bluejay with Peanut

image: Lizard

image: Yellow warbler

image: Bananaquit

image: Coconuts

image: Bananaquit on hammock

image: Pelican in flight

image: Pelican spreading wings

image: Osprey in flight

image: Hummingbird in flight

image: Hummingbird resting

image: Hummingbird in flight

image: <sorry, no title yet>

image: <sorry, no title yet>

image: Iguana

image: Great Egret

image: Great Egret

image: white (butterfly)

image: Garfish

image: Red beetle in forest

image: hovering bumblebee

image: ant

image: leaf cutter ant

image: leaf cutter ants

image: Tiny small grasshopper

image: tiny toad

image: Iguana

image: Iguana

image: big lizard, canyon in utah

image: Squirrel

image: Squirrel

image: Moth caterpillar

image: Moth caterpillar

image: Squirrel

image: Squirrel

image: yosemite

image: sun through trees

image: Blue Jay

image: chipmunk

image: Plants

image: Robin

image: Great blue heron

image: western tiger swallowtail

image: sea scene

image: sea anemones, tide pool

image: red sunset

image: fern crossing

image: fern

image: moss and growth on cut tree

image: mossy log

image: sea anemone

image: spider in web

image: Owl eyes

image: Owl facial disc

image: starfish

image: Falcon

image: Falcon, bad hair day

image: European Kestrel

image: Starfish

image: Seashell

image: Lachmoeve

image: A perfect shit - eh - shot

image: Seashell

image: Unknown bird

image: Fabulous insect

image: Bald Eagle

image: Common Yellowthroat

image: ladybug on flower

image: Bald Eagle

image: Fritillary

image: Butterfly

image: Leafhopper

image: Two unidentified species

image: Dragonfly

image: Compound eyes of dragonfly

image: Dragonfly

image: tounge of butterfly

image: tounge of butterfly, detail

image: Monarch butterfly chrysalis

image: Monarch butterfly

image: Young monarch butterfly

image: Young monarch butterfly

image: Young monarch butterfly

image: Young monarch butterfly

image: Bald Eagle

image: Chickadee

image: Chickadee with pine cone

image: Downy woodpecker

image: Chestnut-sided warbler

image: Lichen on quartz

image: Nuthatch

image: Nuthatch

image: Shorebird

image: Shorebird peek-a-boo

image: Yellow warbler