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New site! These pages are online only for nostalgic reasons. Please visit our new ysmad.com pages!

The preachy site with the bulky name - V1.0 1)

Welcome to our old fashioned website. You do not need to sign up, do not need to leave your email address or credit card number, do not need to tie and confirm contacts, do not need to upload anything.
All activity we do request demand 2) is in the listing below.
Also, this site is not about the en vogue topic global warming - not only.
Climate change seems to be just one more indicator that we stretch our environment to the limits, i.e. actually live beyond our means 3).

Number of humans currently living on this planet:

Acres of rainforest lost since creation of ysmad (4/25/2008):

Animal and plant species being wiped out, since site creation:

Trees converted into chopsticks (China), since site creation (see blog entry 5/8/08):

Birds killed "inadvertently" (US), since site creation (see blog entry 7/18/08):

Tons of seafood harvested (rather: "mined"), since site creation:

(More statistics on ysmad's statistics page)

This site is meant to raise awareness for the need of environmental conservation. See the bottom of the page for some additional comments. Here some initial ideas on how to make a difference:

little blue heron, everglades hoverfly on red daisy mum large grasshopper, indiana lichen on tree, south carolina

exclamation mark Buy less (new) stuff dollar sign

Keep your lawn cut a bit higher water drop dollar sign checkmark

exclamation mark Be gentle on your heating and cooling system dollar sign checkmark

Avoid one-time plastic articles like plastic bags and plastic dishes

Boycott restaurants which crank up the AC to the max checkmark

Put an energy-saving bulb in your frontyard's lamp dollar sign checkmark

Don't participate in frequent traveler "mileage runs"

Remind your hotel to not change bed linens and towels water drop checkmark

Meet virtually instead of physically

Install a thermostat dollar sign

Buy local wine and beer checkmark

Repair instead of replace dollar sign

exclamation mark Buy her more flowers for Valentines than ever!

Donate for rainforest protection

Send back unsolicited mail extreme

Sell stuff you no longer use (or about to throw away) on ebay dollar sign

Plan your refrigerator turnover dollar sign checkmark

Watch your seafood

Don't use hotel soap, shampoo and lotions

Minimize water softener runs checkmark

exclamation mark Let common sense rule!

Pay your bills online

... [show all, ysmad green tips page]

Some comments as mentioned on top of this page.

Here is how we see it: Either

  • We change our way of living towards sustainable lifestyles
    [ysmad's "green tips" more than likely don't go far enough to meet "sustainability", but it's a start ...]
  • We reduce the planet's human population
    [a subset of the first; see the VHEMT initiative for a quite radical, or "Population Connection" for a more moderate approach - though VHEMT is the more entertaining site to browse :)]
  • Human environmental impact will further decrease the planet's diversity and ability to sustain life - including our own species
    [i.e., the continued destruction of the very environment we live in from :( This includes biodiversity as well as livable local and global climate]

What's the problem?
Apart from our "statistics page", see the article compilation "Mass extinction underway" on well.com as a starting point:
"Human beings are currently causing the greatest mass extinction of species since the extinction of the dinosaurs (...), as a result of habitat destruction, pollution, invasive species, and climate change."

Why should we care?
Here is a nice summary from the "Convention on Biological Diversity":
"It is reckless if not downright dangerous to keep chipping away at our life support system. It is unethical to drive other forms of life to extinction, and thereby deprive present and future generations of options for their survival and development."

So - to close this page real' preachy:
Be part of a change which needs to happen now and where your share makes a difference! ;)

These pages are online only for historic reasons ... Please visit our
new ysmad pages

The following quotes may contain 'inconvenient truths' :) Please stay some klicks and read some articles, e.g. in our blog.

"The greatest challenge of the twenty-first century is to settle humanity down and accommodate 8 to 10 billion people with a decent standard of living before they wreck the planet. (...) Humanity's responsibility to the rest of life and to future generations is clear: bring with us as much of the environment and biodiversity through the bottleneck [of peak-population] as possible."

(Edward O. Wilson in a foreword to "The Diversity of Life")

"It's not just global warming, it's not just a loss of biodiversity, it's not just the pollution of our oceans and the clearing of our rainforests, [it's about] personal transformation and environmental consciousness that we need to have in this generation to implement a lot of these changes that need to occur."

(Leonardo diCaprio about his movie "The 11th Hour")

"We need a top-down approach and we need a grass-roots effort if we are going to reverse environmental damage and preserve our planet for future generations -- for all of you."

(Ban Ki-moon about climate change)

"And that is what is at stake, our ability to live on planet Earth, to have a future as a civilization."

(Al Gore in "An Inconvenient Truth")

Nooo, these quotes are not only to decorate our website with celebrity names!

1 Announcement ...
It's official - the preachy site with the bulky name is online in "version 1.0" since 9/1/2008. Green tips, nature pictures and a preachy blog - any comments?!

2 A tiny tribute ...
... to Derrick Jensen's compelling point that "lovingkindness" will not work. See "endgame, Volume 2", page 570.

3 Regarding "living beyond our means":
See e.g. WWF "Living Planet Report" 2008 - "Humanity's demands exceed our planet's capacity to sustain us"