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New site! These pages are online only for nostalgic reasons. Please visit our new ysmad.com pages!

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Welcome to the preachy crazy, dictatorial, and intrusive site with the bulky name

Humans currently living on this planet:

Rainforest acres lost since site creation:

Species extinct since site creation:

This here is a tree count for which product?:

Take a guess what we are killing at this rate:

This is mining in tons - of what "resource"?:

Ready to make a difference? - ENTER YSMAD.COM

From ysmad's statistics page:

Technical quirk: since Firefox 4 you need to switch windows before the statistics ticker starts working; the first to fix that for us will win a ysmad.com t-shirt!! :D

The latest from The Preachy Blog:

04/25/13 - Blog closure and ysmad II

Long time no hear ... - after 1 year of absence from this blog, and after exactly 5 years of ysmad.com, we officially close this blog and start our new, only a little less preachy ysmad version 2! PLEASE CLICK HERE ... [more]