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lichen on tree, south carolina

large grasshopper, indiana

hoverfly on red daisy mum

little blue heron, everglades

The hot topic

I know you were all waiting for it; here it is: the global warming portion of this site! :) To say it ahead: I'll try to not advocate for or against anything. I just want to vote for a more rational discussion on this topic.
Global warming is not a "religion". It's nothing you can "believe in" or not. It's based on evidences and science. You can question if the science is right, but you can hardly make up your mind without looking at the science behind.
Plus, global warming is nothing one can judge from the kitchen window looking outside. Climate is not the same as weather. If you, like me, have another profession than being a scientist specializing on climate questions, I consider it virtually impossible to sift through and understand all studies regarding this topic. Luckily there is an organization doing this: the IPCC . A lot on this page is based on the outcome, e.g. the 2007 report of this organization , because it does just that: assess studies on climate change and provide a summary of the current research's state.
Then, I found there are several questions to global warming, which in discussions and Internet forums are only sometimes separated and more often gladly intermingled.
Here is something I can refer to from postings :)
(from my very subjective view): little blue heron, everglades hoverfly on red daisy mum large grasshopper, indiana lichen on tree, south carolina

Global warming chart

The IPCC as a single source

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