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ysmad Green Tips

For crying out loud let's do something! If our "leaders" in politics and business are unable to react appropriately to the ongoing destruction, we need to, voluntarily for now. Look up deforestation, overfishing, soil degradation, "mountaintop removal", bycatch, ocean dead zones, desertification, the "sixth mass extinction", coral bleaching, loss of mangroves, shark finning, ocean garbage patches (aka "plastic soup"), wildlife trafficking, poaching, waste dumping, air pollution - you name it - we need to act and change.
Your share makes a difference!

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exclamation mark Buy less (new) stuff dollar sign

Keep your lawn cut a bit higher water drop dollar sign checkmark

exclamation mark Be gentle on your heating and cooling system dollar sign checkmark

Avoid one-time plastic articles like plastic bags and plastic dishes

Boycott restaurants which crank up the AC to the max checkmark

Put an energy-saving bulb in your frontyard's lamp dollar sign checkmark

Don't participate in frequent traveler "mileage runs"

Remind your hotel to not change bed linens and towels water drop checkmark

Meet virtually instead of physically

Install a thermostat dollar sign

Buy local wine and beer checkmark

Repair instead of replace dollar sign

exclamation mark Buy her more flowers for Valentines than ever!

Donate for rainforest protection

Send back unsolicited mail extreme

Sell stuff you no longer use (or about to throw away) on ebay dollar sign

Plan your refrigerator turnover dollar sign checkmark

Watch your seafood

Don't use hotel soap, shampoo and lotions

Minimize water softener runs checkmark

exclamation mark Let common sense rule!

Pay your bills online

Carry an empty bottle to the airport dollar sign

Have your own Starbuck's cup dollar sign

Rechannel your golf ambitions extreme water drop

Defrost frozen food in the fridge extreme checkmark

Buy products with less packaging checkmark

Don't buy things that you will find in the attic in a year dollar sign

Print only what you really need printed, e.g. when printing e-mails checkmark

Avoid restaurants which serve food on disposable dishes checkmark

Sweep fertilizer from your driveway

Choose products by ecological aspects, not only look and price checkmark

exclamation mark Use less of everything

Set your printer's default settings dollar sign checkmark

Use the carwash

exclamation mark Plant a tree

Wrap presents in old newspaper extreme

Connect your TV, DVD, stereo etc. to an extension cord with switch

Keep a stack of old paper as scratch paper dollar sign checkmark

Rake, sweep, shovel extreme

exclamation mark Recognize greenwash

Make your own detergents extreme

Clear clogged drains physically, not chemically dollar sign

Make your drapes save energy checkmark

Substitute some fossil fuel with warm clothes dollar sign checkmark

Lower the water heater's setting dollar sign checkmark

Use half of the washer detergents dollar sign checkmark

Optimize your dishwashing water drop dollar sign

Save water with a bathroom-makeover water drop dollar sign

Don't let water pass unused water drop dollar sign checkmark

exclamation mark Drink tap water dollar sign checkmark

Switch off the lights when you leave a room dollar sign checkmark

Avoid drive-thrus

exclamation mark Share what you have, borrow what you need checkmark

Accept higher gas prices extreme

Participate in yard sales - sell and buy dollar sign

Support speed limits

exclamation mark Turn off the air conditioners dollar sign checkmark

exclamation mark Eat less meat

Buy books used dollar sign checkmark

exclamation mark Don't keep up with the Jones dollar sign checkmark

exclamation mark Let life live where it belongs dollar sign checkmark

Distinguish needs from luxury dollar sign

Don't worry about clover on your lawn checkmark

Put pressure on your grocery store

Think about a smaller television

Spend your XMas money in something really necessary!

exclamation mark Pack less on your flights (save weight)

Have a pond along with your pool

Drink tea instead of coffee and beer instead of apple juice ;-) water drop checkmark

exclamation mark While supporting your (domestic) pet, also support wild animals

Pack in a box when you eat out for dinner checkmark

Don't leave your car idling dollar sign checkmark

Bundle up your water heater dollar sign checkmark

Invest in veggie patties

exclamation mark Thermostats: 66/88 60/off! dollar sign extreme

Library instead of bookstore dollar sign checkmark

Insulate your place

For 2 miles or less: Go by bike dollar sign

Once a week, go to work by bike dollar sign

Choose eggs with 100% post consumer carton packaging

Rethink packaging already packaged packages checkmark

Make Mondays meat-free (Paul McCartney campaign) checkmark

Share a meal checkmark dollar sign extreme

exclamation mark Care where your jewelery gold comes from

exclamation mark Leave your backyard easement unmowed water drop checkmark dollar sign

Put the squeezed lemon in the kettle dollar sign

Keep your cat inside

exclamation mark Raise awareness

Keep your tires properly inflated dollar sign checkmark

Choose draft beer over bottled beer (over cans) checkmark

Don't release helium balloons checkmark

exclamation mark Watch a video before your next seafood dine-out

Write your favorite news station

Take out a dam extreme

Reduce fireworks extreme

Eat less shrimp checkmark

Do not litter

exclamation mark Give one percent of your income for the planet

exclamation mark Your share here!

Again, here the summarized reason(s) why we should care - from the "Convention on Biological Diversity":
"It is reckless if not downright dangerous to keep chipping away at our life support system. It is unethical to drive other forms of life to extinction, and thereby deprive present and future generations of options for their survival and development."