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Rainer Wochele lyrics

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ysmad Image: Rainer Wochele lyrics

Rainer Wochele lyrics

Description, tags: Rainer Wochele lyrics -- I took this picture with my old mobile in a park in Stuttgart in 2008 - it's the content, not the image quality that matters here! :) See blog post of 11/25/2010. Asking the author about the lyrics, he of course leaves any interpretation up to the reader - but also points to our attitude to see nature just as a source for making money, and as a presumably neverending resource for goods and stuff. I would like to add my favorite summary from "the story of stuff" here: "For one thing, this system looks like it's fine. No problem. But the truth is it's a system in crisis. And the reason it is in crisis is that it is a linear system and we live on a finite planet and you can not run a linear system on a finite planet indefinitely."

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