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White-tailed deer fawn

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ysmad Image: White-tailed deer fawn

White-tailed deer fawn

Description, tags: White-tailed deer fawn -- Alright, here is the story of this image: it was in the initial version of our website, but I had taken it out, because it is soo off-focus and needed soo much sharpening, that I did not want to burden the Internet with it any longer (kind of :)). But also, it was named "deer foal" in the beginning and google seemed to like it, because NO ONE ELSE HAS IMAGES OF DEER FOALS! So we got ranked number 1 on google for this key word, and it was the ONLY image google indexed from our site. Well, the truth and the reason is, that there are no "deer foals", there are just deer FAWNs. But google wasn't convinced yet. For months and years it kept insisting there must be a deer foal, and kept the link in their library. Even after I deleted both the image, the respective HTML file and all links to it: google still kept it indexed and pointed to an empty page (!!). So, it is February 2010 and I give up. I'll have it posted INTENTIONALLY now. Let google have its one and only deer foal, and let there be one hazy image more on the Internet. Not my fault. No, not mine. Nononono.....

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