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ysmad Green Tip:

Spend your XMas money in something really necessary!

More stuff, more odds and ends, more waste. Christmas is a not-so-happy time for the environment (sorry again for the preachiness ...). Show you care, and consider a really small gift instead, representing a even bigger donation for conservation efforts - rainforest protection, animal research, environmental organizations. Lot of times you can get a little certificate or picture for your donation. Be confident that some day it will be understood this is worth much more than the latest video game! :-)

Baird's tapirTo be more specific, here is a concrete idea to consider: at you can e.g. "feed researchers" or also "adopt a tapir" in Costa Rica :) Why we mention that? Somehow we are into tapirs since we saw a sleeping tapir in its natural habitat at exactly that location :o) - see picture on the left.

Update 12/2009: A gift idea for the this year's holiday season: adopt sea turtles and track their route online! Your donation may help prevent the extinction of sea turtles - all of the seven existing species are endangered! :(
CCC Adopt-A-Turtle Banner
Click on the banner for more information. The "Caribbean Conservation Corporation" is rated 4-star by Charity Navigator, so your money should be well-spent.

Orange tree fungus Bluegray Gnatcatcher Common Yellowthroat sunflower, closed

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Forgot to mention: Note your holiday gifts are tax deductible that way! Where else do you get that?

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