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ysmad Green Tip:

Invest in veggie patties

Choose the veggie menu instead of the beef! (Reasons see "Eat less meat").

One of our favorite burger places offers a veggie burger and it tastes almost like the original, even if they charge you a dollar extra for your environmentalfriendliness. Worth it. Easily. :)

Here some more reasoning (about the situation in the Amazon region): "(...) 70 percent of previous forested land in the Amazon is occupied by pastures, and feedcrops cover a large part of the remainder. About 20 percent of the world‘s pastures and rangelands, with 73 percent of rangelands in dry areas, have been degraded to some extent, mostly through overgrazing, compaction and erosion created by livestock action." (from the FAO's report "livestock's long shadow" 2006)

Huge spider web Great blue heron Fall leaves Whooping Crane

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