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exclamation mark Thermostats: 66/88 60/off!

With heating and cooling, try following settings: heating up to 66F max., cooling down to 88F max. (19C/31C). Compensate everything beyond with warm socks, hot tea - or, respectively, cold tap water and happiness we are having a warming sun ;-)

Tightening 01/2010: for the International Year of Biodiversity we suggest "60/off" instead off "66/88". Come on! 66 is almost boiling hot once you have some socks and tea. Save money and lower a few more degrees. Reducing the temperature just one degree will already save 3% of your heating costs I read ("Alliance to Save Energy", Oh, and shut off the AC completely, at least in moderate climates. Thank you!

Small white (unidentified) flowers Mantis unidentified plant Starfish

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090313 110108 from admin [wk]

Should I have written "... and happiness we are having a warming sun and still a balancing atmosphere ..."? Add some pathos to this "green tip". Hmm. No, scratch that. Too preachy :-/

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