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Rethink packaging already packaged packages

Another agitator from today's grocery-shopping: regular meat often comes already packed in polystyrene tray/cling film; then at the cashier in will be put in another separate plastic bag, and this plastic bag will end in the "main" shopping bag, traditionally: plastic.

Sorry, but there really is no point in repackaging already packaged goods. Superfluous, a mere habit. The same applies for "naturally packed" groceries by the way. Ever noticed people pack 2 Oranges into a plastic bag in the supermarket's produce area? Yet another plastic bag for 3 bananas!

As long as we don't get charged for that waste, save voluntarily. In fact, it won't hurt to also pack tomatoes, apples and a head of lettuce just as-is in your (reusable!) bag. No extra-plastic-bagging required. It works at the farmer's market and doesn't kill us - it will work in the supermarket. It will be as normal as can be in 100 years again, no doubt. We can afford the luxury of pointless waste only for so long.

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