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exclamation mark Pack less on your flights (save weight)

That sounds ridiculous? Look at this (from a news magazine article ): Starting spring 2009 Swiss Airlines will introduce a new Business class seat, which weighs about 8 pounds less than the previous model. With that, they want to save more than 650 metric tons of kerosene each year. Also Germanwings justifies their increased luggage fees with reducing kerosene consumption: "Seeing the record oil prices, this is to reduce the aircraft's total weight and reduce kerosene consumption."

So, a little share might be to pack 1 instead of 2 bags next flight - for tips and tricks we recommend the entertaining and awarded site .

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081210 203904 from admin [wk]

I think just recently on the very first page of "" it got added: "Less stuff to manufacture. Less use of vehicles and other machinery to move things (including you) around. Less fuel needed for the vehicles that do move you. Less greenhouse gas production. Less damage to our celestial home. Greater likelihood of upcoming generations being around to do some travelling of their own."
Nicely said :)

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