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Distinguish needs from luxury

Very presumptuous! We apologize. But in fact, we (as "mankind") are currently living beyond our means. According to a study from Mathis Wackernagel (et al. 2002), humankind began to overshoot the planet's regenerative capacity by approximately the early 70's or around the 80's - depending on how you define "sustainability".

A question arising out of that: what are "needs" and what is beyond-limits, superfluous luxury we actually cannot afford. Stopping 'presumptuousness', we kindly leave the answer to everybody him/herself ;) There are hundreds of daily things where this question is worth being asked. From full-throttle A/Cs vs. A/Cs to limit temperature spikes, to the 10th same or similar kid's toy, to the 16oz vs. 8oz steak at the steak house.

Either way - i.m.o. excess will be stopped, voluntarily or forcefully.

Put more politely, here is a quote from 'The Second Global Biodiversity Outlook' [note the link is a 9MB PDF!]:

The growing appetite for consumer goods and services beyond the necessities of survival and the wasteful consumption of available resources by the more privileged segment of global society are exacerbating the strain on the Earth, with consequences for all.

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