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exclamation mark Care where your jewelery gold comes from

Little known, but gold mining leaves a mess, often in ecologically most valuable locations. Some information and further links can be found at this ysmad blog entry "Gold". There are good alternatives, like melting your old jewelry into new.
It's in the end another contribution to the "reduce/reuse/recycle": buy (less) new jewelry, but reuse the existing - it's an easy contribution for our planet, and finally for all of us.

A quote comes to mind, even if taken a little out of context here :):
"We have here a scales that balances two different things. On one side, we have *gold* bars! Mmmmmm, don't they look good? I'd just like to have some of those gold bars. Mmmmm. On the other side of the scales... um... THE ENTIRE PLANET!" (Al Gore; for review: "An inconvenient truth", minute 1:17)

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