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Rechannel your golf ambitions

Unfortunately golfing is a "green" sport only at first sight. There is an immense water consumption that comes with it, plus lots of fertilizer and weedkiller. Not as environmentally friendly as your local work out center or the chess club :o) Yes, there are examples where golf courses helped re-building nature. However there are much more doubtful locations - like in southern Florida where water consumption is drying out the Everglades anyways ...; We wonder what Tiger Woods' eco footprint looks like. Hope he makes up for it with some serious donations :-)

Update: here is how Tiger Woods' eco footprint looks like. You may have heared of the Tiger Woods Golfcourse Dubai. "The course requires four million gallons of water a day and this has to be pumped 18 kilometres from the Emirates Road" (read in "Bringing water to Tiger's golf oasis, TheNational" ). Any more questions? You may also want to read about the thousands of mature trees which are said to have been shipped to Dubai. Our society, eccentric as in this example, has gone nuts.

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