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exclamation mark While supporting your (domestic) pet, also support wild animals

According to a report I read a couple of years ago, keeping a dog costs well above $1000 a year on average (including dogfood, tax, insurance, vet costs etc.). If you can afford it, consider supporting wild animals along with your direct care of a domestic animal: donate the same amount, e.g. for rainforests.

Donating for rainforest protection helps caring not only for one animal, in one family, for now; but for many species, for generations of humans to come, for decades.

With a 1000 dollar contribution you can easily buy and protect an acre of rainforest each year. Within the lifespan of a dog, up to 15 acres of rainforest will be "yours" - including some rare, endangered and most likely even (yet) unknown species.
Just as one possible idea you may look for the "Rainforest of the Austrians" - they will also accept paypal for overseas donations.

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