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Once a week, go to work by bike

According to the "1 world 2 wheels" initiative , about 50 percent of the working population commutes 5 miles or less to work. If you are living in reasonable distance to work, consider going by bike.

Objection?! Here are some counter-arguments :) . We were also concerned about the traffic, until we figured out a route across a university campus and a trail along a river, we did not even have on our radar before. Commuting to work once a week (at least during summer) saves around 20% of our commuting expenses; pollution- and money-wise. Plus there is the idea of getting some work-out without any additional time or money investment! :) We were happy that we've been "forced" to go by bike by a biking-initiative last year. Meanwhile we also go on small tours. From the above mentioned link: As running guru Dr. George Sheehan said, "Exercise may not add years to your life, but it will certainly add life to your years." And it will add life to our planet! :->

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