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Do not litter

Sign Do Not LitterWell, you knew that, didn't you? - your littering may kill a bird, a cigarette bud may poison a fish, a plastic bag may choke a turtle, and - that might be surprising - roadside litter indirectly causes the death of birds of prey (see image to the right).

Besides, littering not only costs wildlife's life, but picking it up also costs your tax money and additional energy, of course.

Lovestruck butterflyIf all that is not enough, I want to share the picture(s) on the right with the valued reader. Was this your yellow cap, which made that butterfly return again and again for 20 minutes, before finally leaving with something like a broken heart? This is even more sad than the pictures are blurry.

Here an example where an aluminum can lid killed a whooping crane - an already endangered species: Operation migration, Photo journal

Finally, back to turtles and plastic bags, watch this tiny video on how our beaches look like meanwhile, and how wildlife gets affected by all this litter: Plastic Kills Sea Turtles . This is our planet. Rotten.

leaf cutter ants gold ass ant - inofficial naming ... Grape leaf beetle Hummingbird resting

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