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ysmad Green Tip:

Don't release helium balloons

Why not release these funny helium balloons at the next family event?
For one, it's littering. But more concrete: it's killing animals; sea turtles for example. That may sound far-fetched, but the animal world around us eats that plastic stuff, as well known and also written on ysmad several times (Preachy! I told you!). Some minutes of fun with helium balloons may well help to wipe out a species.

So ... here just some links:
First a video of a beautiful loggerhead specimen
More green tips to protect him/her
Plastic stuff found in another species' guts

The last link has no direct relation to helium balloons, I agree - but it's plastics in general, which are mistaken as edible. The link shows a picture of all the plastic a single Albatross fledgling got fed. And one more note on sea turtles: did you know all species of sea turtles are threatened or endangered in their existence, due to human activities? Boy we are destroying the world's diversity wherever I look ...

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