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Reduce fireworks

Oh my god - stop these fireworks! A mere waste of material and energy, scaring the animal world around us to death - and a first-rate producer of waste for our landscape.
Yes, it's tradition. But it's more than that: humans always want it bigger, longer, louder, brighter than the year before. We reached a level where we are blowing up material worth hundreds of millions of dollars each year. The cost of the fireworks display over Sydney Harbour New Year 2009 alone came to $5 million!*
When do we accept that there is a limit to growth, also in this topic?
"But it's part of our culture!" you say? But what if we realize that this very culture of growth and waste and growing waste is destroying our environment - for no better reason than to hear BANGs and watch SPARKLEs?!
For crying out loud that's insanity. No more buying of Bangs and Sparkles. No more joining firework events. Please.

* found in the "Delta Sky Magazine" 12/2009

shenandoah tree covered hills Bluet Damselfly White-headed Capuchin Turkey vultures

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