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Eat less shrimp

For this one, please see our statistics page: besides a horrible amount of by-catch ("the shrimp trawl fishery generates more by-catch than any known world fishery and presents an average shrimp by-catch ratio of between 1:3 and 1:15 in the tropics"), "(...) shrimp aquaculture is responsible for 38% of total mangrove loss and (...) shrimp culture is, by a considerable margin, the greatest single cause of mangrove loss." according to an article "From Wetlands to Wastelands: Impacts of Shrimp Farming" .

Especially if it's battered with a truckload of breadcrumbs and drowned in tomato sauce anyway, there is no need to kill animals and a whole ecosystem along with it; imho.

Red-humped caterpillar anhinga, everglades Detail of lightning bug rainforest tree, costa rica

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