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L'Allemagne - zero points

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5/20/2012 -- L'Allemagne - zero points

Great. Germany is playing world-police and detained Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson a week ago , based on a 10 year old warmed-up case by Costa Rica. One of the very few who really act on the wholesale emptying of our oceans (instead of just lamenting, posting in blogs etc. ...) is under arrest, while at the same time - surprise surprise - Japan takes the opportunity to start a new whale-killing mission just a few days later. "Research" is what the Japanese call a butchery like this , or "dolphin harvesting" massacres like that , shown also in the documentary The Cove.

Oh and another reason brought forward is to "cull" dolphins to "protect fishing grounds". Because fishing grounds really need protection from dolphins, as we humans kill(ed) fish merely with seine nets up to 2 kilometers in length and 200 meters deep, or with longlines over 100 kilometers in length, or with drift nets 65 to 280 kilometers in length, all per boat, with maybe 1800 ships just in the Japanese-Taiwanese drift net fleet* -- and above all with bycatch rates of about 25 to 50 percent of the actually used fish, with the bycatch simply being dumped overboard, dead. Dolphins clearly are to be "controlled".

Blame preachy websites for sometimes being hypocritical, but this kind of hypocrisy is disgusting. At least be honest killing the cheapest and most thorough way possible, without giving a damn about fisheries themselves, about even future (human!) generations, let alone sentient non-human life, wiping out complete species like the bluefin tuna, for making the most monetary profit in the shortest time and the most effective ways we can conceive, for a culture of sushi and superfluity.

So there is finally one who really cares and acts, and Germany feels obliged to detain that person, for very doubtful reasons, to the great satisfaction of the ocean-emptying industry one may assume. L'Allemange - zero points.

*drift net information as per movie about Sea Shepherd, "Confessions of an Eco-Terrorist"

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