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This month: birds, again

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12/29/2011 -- This month: birds, again

This month just some random links and even more random comments about birds, on the occasion that about two weeks ago hundreds of grebes died after mistaking a Wal Mart parking lot for a suitable body of water to rest .

Blue titA friend who once showed little to no empathy for bluebirds crashing into his kitchen window, probably would comment alike: it's not our fault, that these birds are not bright enough to properly recognize their surroundings (!). Please add the 1500 grebes, our friend's bluebirds, and the poor bird on the right! to the bird count in July 2008's blog post.

While there, because it is this time of year again, you may add a few thousand which die of insane fireworks, like January this year in Arkansas . Of course, it's again "not our fault" that they can't stay calm with fireworks going off next to them, but, you guessed it, the question really is a different one. Summarized for April's "anniversary" of poisoning the Gulf coast's birds, from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology :

"The question is: how many additonal problems of the kinds that humans provide out there can these populations endure and still persist through time? We keep adding them. We take away habitat, we take away opportunities for breeding, we take away their food, and then we add oil spills. And the question is how much of this can they take before the system itself collapses?"

No further comments, no more preachiness. Just a final link to a nice picture of grebes, which came to my mind when reading about the grebes and the Wal Mart parking lot. A different species, but much nicer circumstances: "Walking on Water" (Steve Gettle Wilderness Images).

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