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Decoration Season

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11/29/2011 -- Decoration Season

Peanuts inflatableIt's that time of year again, when the Joneses frontyard somehow looks brighter and a little more fancy. Just back from the Black Friday overconsumption frenzy we can see Holiday "decoration" pop up in frontyards everywhere. On the right you can see what one of our neighbors thinks it is worth having mountaintop removal for (approx. 50% of the energy used for displaying such garbage is out of coal mining). Please compare this with the videos linked in last year's blog post about "mountaintop removal".

Are there any good reasons for permanently trading our natural surroundings for the temporary display of plastic junk? If you desperately want to have Peanuts in your frontyard, consider this here instead:

Blue Jay Winter peanutBlue Jay Fall peanut

I am not saying this is necessarily good ("to feed or not to feed"?), but certainly better than wasting energy, mountain streams and whole landscapes for questionable plastic displays. Good thing is, you can have fun with the real peanuts and your backyard wildlife year round :).
Happy Holiday Season!

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