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Upon Spreading the Word - Black Friday Poem

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11/24/2011 -- Upon Spreading the Word - Black Friday Poem

Instead of the traditional Black Friday Quote, this year a friend's most dramatic poem for ysmad - here it goes :)


 Your share makes a difference
 so do more than a pittance
 If you want full nature to go the distance
 be gentle, diplomatic to those with resistance
 be kind charismatic and persuasive
 Not tuff or stubborn nor invasive
 Still allow for mobility,
 while increasing regions representing tranquility
 thereby demonstrating sustainability.

 We all have to work hard and right,
 be good stewards, keep up the fight.
 Work sincere with all your might,
 Hold balance of nature within our sight,
 for clarity of day and peace at night.
 We can't let too much build up stank
 consume the volume of our air tank.
 We can't populate too much or alas,
 non-evenly distribute biomass.
 Strive for continuing freshness and worth
 within this finite island Earth.

 Brooklyn Jakob Jones

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