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The farting camels are the culprits!

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7/5/2011 -- The farting camels are the culprits!

The Herd's the CulpritHa! These "news" are long old, and I didn't mean to write about it - but then I stumbled across the cartoon to the right, which fits so perfectly that I had to post my five cents here.
Down Under proudly presented its new idea to cut on carbon emissions: by killing wild (but admittedly, introduced and even invasive) camels. But wait a minute - wasn't that "cap&trade" thing to reduce our (human) demands? In a desparate effort to keep our own consumption habits, we look for "someone else's fault" and do some fingerpointing. To camels! Humans truly have a sense of humor.

Let's compare:

"Camels damage trees and shrubs and can severely defoliate trees, shrubs, and vines."
Well, human beings not only damage, but eradicate forests and whole ecosystems, and do not shy back from defoliating trees, shrubs and vines - in fact, rainforests - with poison (Agent Orange, as you are reading this), to make sure cheap beef from the Amazon is on their plates.

"They can cause degradation of remote waterholes, affecting the ability of native plants and animals to use these refuges during droughts and potentially leading to the local extinction of these species."
Talking about hypocrisy! As if we would care about the extinction of local any species! Humans can, and do degrade whole ecosystems, "affecting" native plants and animals the most thorough way possible, i.e., wiping species out at a rate worth calling it the planet's sixth mass extinction.

"Each camel, according to the champions of a cull, emits 45 kilos (99 pounds) of methane, the equivalent of one tonne a year in carbon dioxide (CO2), the main warming gas."
In comparison: the average Australian contributes about 20 tons of CO2 to the atmosphere; an average car produces 4 times the "camel-equivalent" of CO2 - and there are 1.2 million camels, but about 15 million cars in Australia (compared to 250 million cars in the US by the way). Moreover, there are 25 million beef cattle in Australia. Did I hear anyone proposing "Eat less meat"? Reducing meat consumption of Australia's customers by only 5% would have roughly the same effect as killing 100% of the camels! But No! It's the camels!

It shouldn't surprise us though. This is just stringent to declaring all life on this planet our own. So if it's our own, their CO2 emissions are as well ours - and if these are worth anything (in this case self-granted "emission rights"), we can take them - no matter if it costs their life. In fact we never bothered about taking lives when there was something to gain - compare the turning of virtually any life into green colored paper, down to the last hermit crab we can find, for $5.99.

Tune in for the next blog post when there will be some preachiness about invasive species, including and compared to our own.

Let me get this straight: it's our herd that needs to be "thinned".


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