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Movie "End:civ"

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5/1/2011 -- Movie "End:civ"

Another movie tip, this time in time :) Today's the release day of "End:Civ" on the web "for little or no money" (i.e. a donation).

It starts off in a quite alarming way (don't let that deter you), and the political message towards the end of the film may sound even more alarming to many - but after all it makes one think about the issues presented and the appropriate answers to them; whether we agree or not agree with the measures proposed. If we call these views "extremist", at least it prompts consideration if "extremist" is a fitting description for the motive of the movie, too.

If you only got 5 minutes, maybe watch minutes 44 to 49 about tarsand extraction; Or take the following quote from the movie: "In the next 40 to 50 years we are going to see the extinction of more species than we've seen in the last 65 million years."; Or browse through some of our previous blog posts - 1/28/2011 Extreme or 9/20/2009 Is insanity destroying this planet?.

Whatever you think after watching, I think this one is worth replacing your video subscription for one evening:


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