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Movie "Home"

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2/27/2011 -- Movie "Home"

With a 2 year delay, this movie tip for your Sunday evening :)

"Today our greatest battle is to protect the natural offerings of our planet.
In less than 50 years we've altered it more thoroughly than in the entire history of mankind. Half of the world's forests have vanished. Water resources are running low. Intensive farming is depleting soils. Our energy sources are not sustainable. The climate is changing. - We are endangering ourselves. (...) We haven't yet understood that we're going at a much faster pace than the planet can sustain. We know that solutions are available today. We all have the power to change this trend for the better. So what are we waiting for?"

(From another trailer, shown by the director in a TED talk in Feb. 2009)

Besides the spectacular imagery, I like the film's narrative. Facts on the status quo (partly now also on ysmad's statistics page) are put into perspective with the Earth's and humanity's history - four billion years, vs. 200,000 years, vs. the above mentioned 50 years in which "the world's population has almost tripled and (...) we have more fundamentally altered our island, the Earth, than in all of our 200,000-year history".

Unfortunately we cannot put the full subtitles online - even if the movie is free and without copyright as per the above linked TED talk. But we at least can share 40 images of the movie "Home" on ysmad's facebook page, and of course the link to the full movie online: the HOME project youtube channel .


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