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1/28/2011 -- Extreme

Had a discussion about "extreme views" recently. Is extreme? How should we call it if we blow away whole mountaintops and bury streams of clean water just for convenience; if we intentionally sink radioactive waste into the oceans, from which we and others feed; if we scrape the last bits of oil out of earth's crust like addicts, using immense amounts of energy and fresh water, leaving behind wastelands; if we poison oceans with millions of gallons of toxins and call it "a spill"; if we dump more waste into these oceans until we have to declare "dead zones"; if we poison our surroundings in a way that birds literally rain from the sky and bee populations collapse around the globe; if we impoverish the planet by taking so many species off its surface, that we are forced to call it the first conscious mass extinction in Earth's history; if within 50 years we produced so much plastic that our oceans contain whole 'plastic garbage patches' and life perishes all around it - poisoned, suffocated, plastic-fed; how should we call this, if not extreme? Wouldn't it be extreme to view this any different than extreme?!

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