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Mountaintop Removal for Breakfast

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11/20/2010 -- Mountaintop Removal for Breakfast

Today's breakfast infotainment: two episodes of "Toxic West Virginia".
Toxic West Virginia - Part 1
Toxic West Virginia - Part 2

A great start into the weekend. This is about how we blow away mountaintops, level the nearby valleys with the debris, bury streams and whole ecosystems, poison our environment with toxins, justify it with jobs and the "remarkable self-healing nature", legalize it with extensive lobby work, and leave behind moonscapes on our planet as if we were all out of our minds.

What for? To make our Saturday morning bright and convenient: get the coffee machine going, power the oversized TV for the morning show and heat the oven for two croissants. Please watch the videos - it's scary, but this guy has some funny going in his reporting. The coal we are talking about here could be "Clean Coal" by the way - you might forget it when you see the footage. If you want to change something about this: here are some general ideas and here an initiative where you can write the EPA online (until 12/1) .

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