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BP, out of control

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6/13/2010 -- BP, out of control

Can't believe it. The situation is literally out of control - from a people's perspective, while BP is at least controlling the flow of information; it seems they are more concerned about stopping or hindering this kind of flow than the flow of oil.

Going by this coast guard quote , BP successfully implemented "BP rules", enforced by the people's (!) executives - the ones who are legitimized by the people for the people, now working for a company, which by neglect and greed destroyed a large portion of the people's livelihood.

Isn't this about the worst thing that can happen to our democracies? Global companies openly "take over", exploit the environment, while people are locked out, denied even mere information. Maybe companies are since long more powerful and in-control than governments, i.e. the people, but this incident has a new quality; how can it be that "BP rules" keep you from informing yourself? On public beaches. Moreover, if I interpret the various fruitless interview attempts with clean-up workers (at least partly contracted former fishermen) right, BP now even uses its power, lended by destroying the premier source of income in the region and becoming the only remaining "employer" (cleaning up their mess) to ... is this overstated? ... effectively buy the freedom of speech.

There should be an outcry from the people, and the media. Where is it?

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