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Finally, pictures from the gulf

Some unidentified hawk growing sunflower American Kestrel Osprey in flight

6/7/2010 -- Finally, pictures from the gulf

The last days I was concerned BP might succeed in hindering the press from showing the true extent of the oil "spill" . But finally, after more than a month, the images of our oiled environment spread:

-- A news video from Germany ; even if you don't speak German, please watch the start and end of it (like minutes 0:15 and 2:00) - no need to see the BP officials in between.

-- A series of images on ; the almost 3000 comments so far (in 4 days) seem to show we start thinking critical about our lifestyles, mostly anyway. - "We really are the most selfish, gluttonous, self righteous creatures on the planet.", "It make me sick to know that our race has taken this earth for granted.", but also in a comment from today: "Has anyone found an effective way to 'blame' the oil off of these animals? Blame, blame, blame. Bad BP? Bad Obama? So what? Stop blaming and do something. Blame yourself when you leave an unnecessary light on. Blame yourself when you leave your computer on over night. Blame yourself when you buy an unnecessarily large vehicle, drive when you could walk or bike, heat your house to 72 degress in the winter, coolr your house to 70 degress in the summer. BLAME YOURSELF."

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