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Biodiversity vs. Pacman, and Oil update

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5/22/2010 -- Biodiversity vs. Pacman, and Oil update

Did anyone notice? The U.N. named 2010 the "International Year of Biodiversity"; plus today (as every year on 5/22) has been the International Day for Biological Diversity. However, all concerns about biodiversity have to compete with other topics, like e.g. Beer (see the Beer Day mentioned in the previous blog post), and other notable events.

Google is a nice indicator for events worth mentioning, with their logo on merrily changing.

Today, biodiversity (i.e. the International Day for Biological Diversity) competed against the 30th birthday of Pacman - and lost.

Meanwhile, in between playing Pacman on, I increased our homepage-counter for the oil spill 10-fold to account for BPs likely "inaccuracy" and apparently even REFUSAL to allow accurate measurements. A 10-fold increase is a fair approach I think, as more trustworthy sources than BP (see here a report on ) are estimating a flow between 4 times and 20 times the BP number, and an interviewed scientist on CNN on 5/15 estimated "at least 50,000 barrels with high certainty", 10 times BP's number, which by the way has been estimated by the Federal NOAA and then been adopted by BP without further lamenting. This to me feels rather like "happily agreeing"; wonder why.

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