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3/28/2010 -- Snowwhite

Yellow ducklingDo you remember the blog from 6/19/2009?
We were talking about our little yellow duckling. To make it easier for you we will add the picture again to this blog-entry.
Well, this yellow duckling grew up to be a beautiful white duck. She is still living on the ponds in our neighborhood and I see her everytime I go for a walk. We just had to give her a name and what fits her better than snowwhite?

White duckWhile on a winter walk earlier this year, we saw her with her friends or extended family enjoying one of the first sunny days this year (that's actually also why we were taking a walk :) ) Back then I was already thinking if she will find a male duck for her own family or if she will have a hard time - as she did as a yellow duckling when it always looked like she was a bit separated from the rest of the family).

White duck coupleNow that spring has finally started all ducks are walking around in pairs. And so earlier this week we were able to take a picture of our snowwhite. Don't they look like the perfect couple? :)
I can't wait to see her with some ducklings - hopefully with more yellow ones!

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