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A thought about perceived danger

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3/4/2010 -- A thought about perceived danger

After the evening news today, following thought only:

If 911 is called for an alleged fire, they will immediately go out for the call, no matter how likely it really is (in fact, about 1 out of 10 calls are false alarms according to the NFPA).

If there is a no-matter-how-vague bomb warning for an airport or school building, all strings are pulled to evacuate and limit any risk to a minimum.

If there are facts that we destroy food sources by throwing away ten thousands of tons of "bycatch" every day; that we are destroying our life's foundations at a rate of one acre of rainforest per second; that we for-a-fact are the cause of a mass extinction in the ecosystem we live from: nobody seems to care. Why is that?

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