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A confession

Yellow bellied sapsucker hovering bumblebee toad, costa rica Banana slug

2/6/2010 -- A confession

We have a confession to make ... :( After long consideration, we got us another of these resource-consuming, electronic toys. So far, all the images on ysmad have been done with little point-and-shoots (except the birds-of-prey photos from July last year). We now upgraded. Here the initial attempts from a walk in our Indiana winter-world:

Tufted titmouse, singing Hawk in winter tree Mallard mirrored in creek Red-bellied woodpecker Female Cardinal

Apropos winter-world. If you are interested in how even the tiniest birds can survive the chilly temperatures in the North, we recommend the book "Winter world" (Bernd Heinrich). Very entertaining, and amazing how 6 grams of bird can survive days, weeks or months in (°C) sub-zero temperatures. A recommended read!

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