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We f*** the world

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9/26/2009 -- We f*** the world

Clarification: this blog post is about the film "We feed the world". It was on cinemas 2005 already, but I watched it again today, after reading the book.

Here links: Trailer "We feed the world" on the official website; whole movie "We feed the world" on google video.

In this documentary, see how Europe imports soya from Brazil and wheat from India, while at the same time we burn crops and still throw away truckloads of food.

See how despite this overproduction of food we alledgedly modify plants genetically to produce even more food - in reality to make profits at the expense of the peasants, our environment and biodiversity. Hear statements from UN officials (Jean Ziegler) stating that there is already enough capacity to easily feed all humans on this planet; but we continue to industrialize farming, fishing, meat-production - most with severe impacts on nature, let alone the questionable results in food quality.

This documentary is a reminder and provides pictures to the known fact that the system we established is primarily looking for profit and not what would make sense. Jan Ziegler on globalization: "Profit maximisation is the murderous strategy (...)".

See a Brazilian showing flat soya fields where formerly had been thick jungle, plainly stating, quite frustrated: "We don't want any soya here in Amazonia.". Further commenting on a largly by industrialized countries financed highway through the rainforest: "The result of this attitude and these policies is, that European livestock is eating up the rainforest of Amazonia and Mato Grosso. And that is going to cause problems for the ecological balance of humanity as a whole.".

Talking about balance. On the opposite side, hear Nestle's CEO say in all seriousness: "Man is now in the position of being able to provide some balance to Nature.".

Could it be that he confuses "balance" with (seeming) "control"? Read that quote again: "provide balance"? As far as I understand nature provides balance by itself and doesn't need our help for that - the opposite might be true: it rather seems mankind currently puts this ability for balance to the test!

The same CEO goes ahead in the exact same interview, complaining: "We've never had it so good, we've never had so much money, we've never been so healthy, we've never lived as long as we do today. We have everything we want and still we go around as if we were in mourning for something.".

I would see that as an indicator that his so appreciated "balancing of nature" doesn't make us any happier or wealthier long-term.

A couple of scenes in this movie are commented as "absurd", but you may as well append them to last blog post's list: after this movie you may get closer to the opinion that this world is no longer driven by common sense, but insanity.

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