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Is insanity destroying this planet?

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9/20/2009 -- Is insanity destroying this planet?

Last week I finished reading Derrick Jensen's "Endgame" (Vol. 1). As someone who certainly thought more about the destruction of the planet by humans than most of us, he comes to the conclusion that mankind must be insane and the only cure for the current situation is to bring down "the system" as a whole.

I am not that far yet - I still believe it's not too late and there can be a shift in thinking in society as it is today - but here some examples from recent news which support his "Premise 10: The culture as a whole and most of its members are insane [...]":

· Did you read about the oil spill northwest off the coast of Australia? If not, don't worry, there are "no indications wildlife is in danger" and anyway, some official said, "most of [the oil] is breaking up naturally".

All there is, is a uncontrolled leak which releases several ten thousand gallons of oil into the ocean, daily - estimates I read range from 17,000 gallons (BBC) to 130,000 gallons (Australia's Greens) - and it's doing this since mid of August. Closing the leak may take another couple of weeks, but as said: no indications that wildlife is in danger.

The fact of a months-long oil "spill", hardly being a topic in the public is insane, and the routine denial of an impact on life in the region is insane as well. I don't need to be a biologist and need no "indicators" to know this does have an impact!

· In another recent article (on I read that humans in another part of the world routinely sink containers of nuclear waste material in the sea. There now is proof after a ship with 120 containers had been found. After all a boat of 360 feet. According to the article, 32 such ships have been sunk.
Intentional destruction of the environment we live from. Clearly insane.

· But - and this story makes a nice combination of the previous two - you heared of the cargoship which in March enriched the ocean east of Australia with both oil and hazmat containers? One news article talks of 70,000 gallons oil and 30 containers of chemicals. Among the most affected areas are two nature preserves. If you did not hear about it that's because these spills hardly make it to the top headlines any more, which to me means nothing else than it is becoming too normal meanwhile. Insanity again.

· One final (unrelated) example: I am now reading a book about food production, especially industrial food production ("We feed the world", Wagenhofer/Annas). According to it, farmers in Europe are paid to destroy food, which could perfectly serve as animal food. However, it's subsidized only if not used as food - hence in Europe wheat and corn is systematically planted and harvested just to be burned in power plants, while at the same time we import soy from Brazil to feed our cattle.
Importing rainforest-destroying soy from Brazil, while burning food here (while Brazilians are starving by the way) - it cannot get more insane.

Actually ... I think it can get more insane than that. These are just some random examples so far.

Read "Endgame" and you'll likely agree with Derrick Jensen's "Premise 10".

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