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A Burger King Experience

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9/18/2009 -- A Burger King Experience

Today fast food was on the agenda. But having skipped "Meatfree Monday" on Monday, we were in "Meatfree Friday" mode. Try finding an animal-free snack to go ... (think about it - lots of Burger and Chicken places, but meatfree?).

So, determined to not eat meat, we ended in the most unlikely place: a Burger King (inside, not drive-through! :)); we thought about fries as a last resort ...

Here the scenery:
We are standing below the 10-times-life-size images of rainforest-destroying burgers, junks of meat greeting out between golden buns and shiny leaves of lettuce.

Wonder what they think if we now, in light of screaming advertisements of dead cows, packaged into handy lumps, order "small fries, the mozarella sticks and a vanilla shake please" (so far the plan at this point). Trying to be funny we order "The VEGGIE MENU please! <big grin>".

"One veggie burger. Anything else?"

What? So they do have a Veggie Burger. We then indeed find it on a "menu" at the side of the counter - in small, unobstrusive letters, away from the regular delicacies. We must have looked quite surprised. I assume the guys at Burger King are trained to keep an invariably courteous face to the customer, but by now we sense some disturbance across the counter. So we finish our order (the "meal", along with fries, the mentioned mozarella sticks and a vanilla shake) and get out.

What to learn from this: even if you find yourself overwhelmed under tempting billboard-size burger-menus, there are choices (I like being preachy today!). The best thing with the veggie burger: you are almost guaranteed to get it freshly made. We (honestly!) liked it. - However, we suggest to stay away from the mozarella sticks. Stick with the veggie burger.

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