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8/15/2009 -- What's new?

Here are the news including pictures:

ysmad wallpaper-- Since a couple of weeks already we have installed a wallpaper workshop. It's absolutely FREE and you are cordially invited to join. Join any time at the newly created 'wallpaper page'. Bring some time, your favorite image editor and not too much seriousness. If you are in a hurry, you can also leave time and image editor at home and download ready-made wallpaper images.

American Kestrel-- I had been on photography workshop and finally came around to visit a birds-of-prey sanctuary and taking some pictures (as long announced on the ysmad picture page). See bottom of the picture page for some of the workshop results. Thanks must go to Stacy for borrowing me a much nicer camera than our point-and-shoot! You can definitely see the difference which of these pictures are from the SLR, can't you?! :)

Waxwing-- We were delighted! seeing a waxwing right above our heads at backyard-dinner the other day, even seemingly building a nest. We read these birds are not seen in backyards too much, as they are not typical feeder birds (however, google for it and you'll find people having them finger-trained with blueberries!). Anyway, the nest seemed pretty small for that bird and the next day a goldfinch occupied the same. Another quick googleing showed: this waxwing most likely was just stealing our goldfinch's nesting material! So, a thief it was that we photographed here. That we take as an excuse for the incognito appearance behind the leaves (picture on the right) ...
The best wife of all is promising to shoot a picture of our nesting goldfinch within next week. Call us crazy, but it's too funny seeing her (the bird!) sitting in there. We LOVE just watching. Update's to follow ...

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