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Abwrack... uhm ... Umweltprämie!

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7/24/2009 -- Abwrack... uhm ... Umweltprämie!

The grand prize winner is: Germany! The Boston Consulting Group identified the country with the best economic stimulus program. It's Germany, having the proper idea of sacrificing some annoying environmental concerns to the industry in yet another large-scale program.

For the sake of such highly treasured values like "economy" and "growth" ... and for fighting possible loss of growth, we went as far as scrapping thousands of well-working cars (each of which may have used more resources in its production process than it ever did during its lifetime), replace them with new ones (which again used significant resources during manufacturing ... you get the point) - and then even have the chutzpa calling that government-funded program "environmental bonus".
For crying out loud!

In fact this was more celebrating our throwaway-society with a true firework of waste - ridiculing any effort of reducing, reusing, recycling.
Yes, right - even recycling. In the news: recyling of these scrapped cars was limited, as the load was too high to keep up with proper recycling, and flawless 9-year old vehicles ended up being compacted as-is to funny cubes. Ridiculous.

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