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Meatfree Mondays

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6/15/2009 -- Meatfree Mondays

OK, it's on this website multiple times already: meat consumption directly accounts for Rainforest loss. Paul McCartney now called for meat-free Mondays to make a difference. We'll gladly add that to our green tips list. Loosing forests and the life within should be sufficient reason already to cut back on meat consumption - here's the second major reason: climate change.

"The links between meat and climate change have been well-known for several years. A UN study in 2006 showed that the livestock industry was responsible for a staggering 18% of man's global greenhouse gas emissions, partly because of deforestation in the Amazon." (The "Guardian" on the McCartney-campaign ).

And all this on a Monday where I had an unplanned ribs-dinner :-/ Do I get some credit that I got there by bike?!

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