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6/6/2009 -- Share the road

Share-the-Road SignMichiana Bike to work week just ended. We "donated" around 180 miles by going to and from work by bike (except rainy Monday) and on the "Urban Ride". Find pictures from some of the events around it on shellhamerphotography [find us on one of them! :) ... and also take a look on the same site's raptor gallery , which we since long wanted to open on ysmad as well, but lack respective pictures still - see comments on our picture page ... :( ].

Mm ... where were we? Biking. Maybe just one more related link from the South Bend area: here is a story about bakfietsen . Don't know what this is? Read the story! Here a hint (a line from the article, to my very liking :)): An example of self-reliance, appreciation for nature, and the idea that reducing one's environmental impact is both admirable and fun.
A seven year old girl's verdict about it: "We are saving the world!".

Roadkill SquirrelRoadkill RaccoonPlus 2 more links to green tips we added with respect to biking: "For 2 miles or less: Go by bike", and "Once a week, go to work by bike". Both great ways to save money, emissions, get some fresh air and exercise; and besides, you get to see - and avoid - some of the roadkill we nonchalantly accept with our car-commutes. I found that quite eye-opening. Coming back to this blog post's title: maybe there should not only be a blog entry about sharing the road with bikes, but - as we do as a matter of fact - also about sharing the road with the animal world around us?! :-S

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