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Earth Day Donation Call

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4/20/2009 -- Earth Day Donation Call

As mentioned in the respective 'green tip', rainforest protection is the all-in-one green measure: reduce emissions, preserve carbon sinks, protect biodiversity.

Please contribute! Our suggestion on the occasion of "Earth day" (4/22): purchase some acres of rainforest in Costa Rica, for the "Rainforest of the Austrians" . Alternatively (money transfers might be easier out of the U.S.), we suggest a donation to "Bat Conservation International" - in memory of the recently deceased 'Discovery bat' :-).

Donate for The Rainforest of the Austrians

As written on ysmad, we somehow feel connected to Costa Rica (and their tapirs! :)) and found this organization. According to their website, contributions for 'rainforest certificates' are spent 1-on-1 for buying rainforest in Costa Rica; donations are possible to various European accounts as well as an account in Costa Rica directly. PayPal is also accepted (at least it was 1 year ago, please verify). For project information also see the slide lecture on their site - which also contains a slightly larger stick insect than the one we photographed for ysmad ... :)

Donate for Bat Conservation International

Bats may not be that glamorous as the iconic polar bear and panda bear, but definitely eat more of these insects around our neighborhoods, which otherwise get doused in DOOM and alike (the insects, and the neighborhoods ...). Bat Conservation International is rated 4-star by the "Charity Navigator", so your contribution should be a good investment in the health of our environment, and may help find the cause of the "white nose syndrome" , which seems of the biggest concern regarding (U.S.) bat populations currently.

Thank you for considering this!
Please mention keyword "" in your contributions.

Note that our website is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by "Rainforest of the Austrians" or "Bat Conservation International". We will not benefit in any way from any donations (other than a nicer planet to live on :o)) - the mentioned organizations are suggestions only for a donation.

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