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Eremozoic Era, Global Warming

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4/8/2009 -- Eremozoic Era, Global Warming

Browsing through an article "The New Age of Extinction" on

Quite disturbing: we are already searching for terms describing the era marked by us: suggested is "Eremozoic Era" - the Age of Loneliness.

"The upcoming biological age after the sixth great extinction, when earth will be depauperate of nearly all life due to human activities." (as per a rather dramatic definition googled on the Web). Overdramatization?

The Times-article also does describe what I first read in "The End of the Wild" (Stephen M. Meyer): Climate change may render green oasises ("wildlife refuges") ineffective, as wildlife has no way to escape and adapt to climate change by moving; which also applies to the flora by the way. With most of the surroundings occupied by us, there is little room to adjust to environmental changes.

Did somebody say it's "just about a few degrees humankind can easily adapt to"?! Climate change is not simply about "weather requiring fewer layers of clothing" (a related blog post on The Daily Telegraph and a posting on the "JunkScience" Forum). Instead, there are valid points that with climate change the current loss of biodiversity may take on a new dimension - and take along with it not only "our lemurs" (same posting mocking on the term "loneliness"), but some very basic amenities we would get for free with some sensible approach. I hope the author did consider this; may otherwise want to start with this link here (chapter "The value of biodiversity") .

Don't get me wrong - this so far is not a matter if climate change is man-made or not. It's about the chances of nature to adapt, and the extent these chances are limited by us. I.m.o. an already retreating and cramped-in nature will be "limited", to say the least.
May all be acceptable - question remains how much of a loss we can afford - and still pass on with a clear conscience ...

Even if some of us are (and will be) comfortable without "our lemurs" and there will be a livable equilibrium without today's biodiversity, in the above mentioned book "The End of the Wild" on the last page the author describes a possible outlook:

"Of course, the end of the wild does not mean a barren world. [...] There will be birds, mammals, and insects - lots of insects. Life will just be different: much less divers, much less exotic, much more predictable, and much less able to capture the awe and wonder of the human spirit. Ecosystems will organize around a human motif, the wild will give way to the predictable, the common, the usual. Everyone will enjoy English house sparrows; no one will enjoy wood thrushes."

Talking about house sparrows: they are trying to take over our bluebird nesting box we reported of last year ...

Eremozoic Era as suggested - the Age of Loneliness? ;-)

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If there is a God, whence proceed so many evils? If there is no God, whence cometh any good?

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Another spam post. Can somebody tell about the sense of such postings, if they don't even contain any kind of ad?

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