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Spread the word! (another restaurant experience)

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3/13/2009 -- Spread the word! (another restaurant experience)

Why is it that we always need 10 napkins instead of 1?! Makes me crazy. Had been dining out yesterday and what did we get - a truck load of napkins along with our meal. What's all this?

The following is not about finger-pointing - every society has some sad records - but what I read on AlterNet seems to fit our restaurant experiences: "Americans [...] consume vastly more paper than any other country -- about three times more per person than the average European, and 100 times more than the average person in China." .

The article (please read it!) is actually about toilet paper: producing the preferred soft variant requires mainly virgin trees, unlike recycled paper, which would be the rougher, but environmentally more sensible alternative. From the article (referring to other sources):

· More than 98 percent of the toilet paper we use in the US is from virgin forests

· Across the world, people are struggling to save our forests from deforestation, and instead of helping out, we're wiping are butts with our best defense against climate change.

· Kimberly Clark, the maker of two popular brands, Cottonelle and Scott, has gotten as much as 22 percent of its pulp from producers who cut trees in Canadian boreal forests where some trees are 200 years old.

Almost all of our toilet paper we get from virgin forests! We raze down forests (some of which are old-growth) to pleasantly treat our butts. Man!

trees more trees Somehow we humans got placed onto this comfortable planet, into a perfectly life-sustaining and beautiful environment - and we prefer to wipe our as**s with it and flush it down the toilet. Congrats. Who gave this species its name "homo sapiens sapiens"? Oh ... it was us. Hubris, evidently.

more and more trees even more trees One issue I think: it's just not sufficiently apparent what impact everyday habits have on our environment. So spread the word! Ten instead of 1 napkin will kill 10 times more trees. As (thanks to globalization) we don't see our impact directly around us any more, there is need to make it known: South American rainforests die of meat consumption, cheap products in our shops cause air and river pollution in China, soil gets poisoned (not only) in Africa for our golden jewlery. In the long run this all will affect us despite the distance.

In any case this planet deserves a little bit more attention - we'd like it to be a comfortable and beautiful place for future generations as well, right?!
Spread the word!

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