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Consumers dictate packaging - Tropicana

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2/24/2009 -- Consumers dictate packaging - Tropicana

Tropicana packaging Hardly find our favorite OJ any more. Reason is the new packaging for "Tropicana" since January. Yesterday PepsiCo announced to revert to the old picture on the carton again. Consumers apparently were upset, including us. PepsiCo got enough feedback to redecide.

What preachy lesson is to learn from this? Consumers can be the driving force when it comes to defining products and especially their packaging. Who thought we could undo a change in which PepsiCo invested "a boat-load of money" (The Pitch ). If we as consumer can dictate Tropicana to come in the packaging we like, we are also able to dictate that excess packaging is eliminated - and a lot more changes related to groceries. See green tip "Put pressure on your grocery store".

Apparently, your share makes a difference! :)

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